Wellness isn’t just a consideration for an individual anymore, more and more employers are considering the wellness of the employees. A happy healthier workplace is a more productive and effective workplace. 


Employers responsibilities for employees are forever growing, with more and more pressure placed upon them to provide for their employees well-being – physically and mentally.  Managing stress being one of the main concerns. An individuals lifestyle can have a significant effect on stress levels and how an employee responds and copes with working duties. By educating employees on leading a healthier lifestyle, including activity and nutrition, you will not only have a healthier, happier workplace but absenteeism will reduce, stress levels will reduce and productivity will increase. Workshops can be tailored to meet the workplace needs – below are a few examples:

  • Eating for Good Health

  • The Healthy Family

  • The Metabolism and Energy Levels

  • Healthier Lifestyle, Healthier You, Healthier Workplace

  • Managing Stress through Lifestyle Choices

  • Yoga Cleanse


Sitting at a desk most of the day, can for many lead to discomfort and back pain. Much of this discomfort is down to inactivity, posture during sitting and just long periods in the same position. If left untreated, stress and tension in the muscles can build up and for many become quite painful and often long term.

A great way to help your workplace is to offer Back Massage Clinics. A 20 - 30 minute back massage session every month or two will help this stress and tension build up, encouraging better mobility and less problems, pain and discomfort.

Office Workers Massage and Health Workshops are available at The Studios, Leicester or at your workplace in South Manchester / Cheshire & Leicester

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