A sports massage therapy session isn't just for sports, it can be used to help relieve tensions, stress, pain and injuries from every day life. 

It also is not just about a deep tissue massage which many think, It involves many massage, release, stretching & movement techniques to help relieve tension, pain, and improve mobility along with many other health benefits.


A deep tissue massage /sports massage covers the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of the soft tissues of the body e.g.. muscle, ligaments and tendons.

It is tailored to each individuals needs to enhance your ability to perform, compliment exercise and assist with aches and pains and tightness.  A deep tissue massage can also help identify problems areas to work on.


The benefits of sports massage are vast and include:

  • Improved circulation.

  • reduce fatigue, stress and tension.

  • relieve pain of muscular strain and injury.

  • enhance sports performance and recovery.

  • help prevent injury.

  • rehabilitate muscular injury.

Sports Massage, isn't always, but can often be uncomfortable around problem areas. It also is not always a relaxing session but the nature of the techniques and the release of tension and stress induces a post relaxed state.

Massage should be a regular addition to any person who regularly exercises or suffers for ongoing muscular discomfort and / or pain.

My sports massage therapy sessions begin with a consultation and postural and movement analysis to assist in identifying the clients problem areas and areas that may need therapy work. 

General massage techniques will then be used to relax the client and warm tissues to allow for further identification of weaknesses, 

problems and tightness. Palpitation is the process of feeling and sensing through touch and is it helps identify the different

musculoskeletal structures and their condition. The continuous process of the mind interpreting what the hands feel is a vital part of the session to allow for personalisation of techniques used for the best outcome. 


Techniques used during my sessions may include:

- Postural Analysis

- Biomechanic Screening

- Deep Tissue and other general massage techniques

- Soft Tissue Release

- Muscle Energy Techniques & PNF Stretching

 - Myofascial Therapy Techniques

- Trigger Point Therapy

- Anti Spasm Techniques

- Mobility Exercises

- Passive & Assisted Stretching

Massage is undertaken in a private treatment room at

Leicester - 40 Nelson Street, Leicester, Le1 7ba

Altrincham - Narali Yoga - 61 Stamford New Road, Wa14 1dp

Price ranges from £40 - £45 per hour

Discounts given for regular bookings and NHS & Emergency Workers & Armed forces


the study of anatomy in Braille"

Jack Meagher

Muscle Meetings

Due to Coronavirus im unable to undertake massage - but if you need some help a Muscle meeting may get you through