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Always suffering from one thing or another?

Always run down?

Feeling older than you should?


Struggling to lose weight?

Years of neglecting our health / body / mind - dieting, stressful busy life, poor quality nutrition - can effect how our body functions day to day.

Our bodies are an amazing thing, and if fed the right nutrition and conditions they function better and do the hard work for us - provide the energy we need, recover and repair, balance our moods, manage our weight.....

But when they are deprived of the right nutrients and put under unnecessary stresses, our bodies processes and systems, such as our energy system, digestive system, hormone regulation, function inefficiently and make life and fat loss much harder than it needs to be. 

This 2 week course including a 2 week Reset Plan will help you understand your bodies requirements for proper function, will aid more efficient functioning of your processes and boost fat burning again. The plan works by removing many foods that are likely to cause intolerances, inflammation, hormone imbalances, and moods as well as getting a good balance of macronutrients and calories to not only fuel your body but also get it working more effectively.

Leaving you feeling healthy, slimmer and motivated, Fat / weight loss will be a natural by-product of getting your body functioning better.

What is included:

Introduction - initial session 

- Introduction to simple functioning of the body for health & weight loss

- An understanding of how nutrients work with our body

- An understanding of how poor lifestyle choices effect how our body functions

- An introduction to the RESET BUTTON PLAN

- Measurements / stats / health markers taken (optional but advised)

Conclusion - 2 weeks later

- Results - measurements / stats / health markers taken (optional but advised)

- Discussion on effects / results / what learnt

- Reflection on previous lifestyle

- Adaptations / forward action plan

Ongoing Support

Throughout the course support is provided to encourage, motivate, answer any queries, questions and help you through the process. 

Support can also be given by other course members 


£49 per person including sessions, plan and support


This plan is designed to make you feel amazing. 
There has not been one person who has done this plan that hasn't seen amazing results - reduced bloating, serious inch loss and weight / size loss, loss of cellulite, clear and focused brain,less aches & pains, reduced IBS symptoms, better energy levels, more motivated
Looking healthier and slimmer

HOWEVER -  It is a difficult plan and needs commitment for the two weeks and thought and consideration going forward to keep the body functioning efficiently. If you are not willing to make sacrifices for this period and not willing to put the effort in then this plan is not for you. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact me so we can have a chat first. 

Next Courses

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15th February 2021 - Virtual £20 - 2 for 1 offer includes meal building course

March / April Course Dates - TBC

May / June Course Dates - TBC


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