• Rebecca Watts

Working Day Reboot

Feel like you have not got that work life balance right?

Do you struggle through your work day, only to collapse on the sofa when you get home?

Life shouldn't be about work (unless you really love your work) but as most of us are there 35 hours plus a week, we shouldn't dread it and it shouldn't be a constant struggle.

With the darker, cold nights kicking in, that struggle becomes real but there are some simple tricks, swaps you can do to reboot your working day to help you get more out of your day and a better work life balance.

1) Early bird catches the worm with a morning workout

Quit hitting the snooze button and you can free up some time for a morning workout. Whether this be a trip to the gym, a jog around the park or a yoga routine in your lounge, whatever it is it will set you up for the day. You will be surprised how a little morning exercise will make you feel, more energetic, a sense of achievement, better moods. It will also free up your evenings and your don’t have the whole day to talk yourself out of evening exercise as you have already done it.

2) Ditch the morning coffee for hot water and lemon

For many the early morning coffee fix is a necessity to face the day, but having a coffee on first in the morning can cause havoc with your digestive system .Coffee on an empty stomach will kickstart your acid production and can cause indigestion and heartburn as well as cause damage to your stomach lining. It has also been shown to increase the jitters, shakes and cause mood changes and anxiety symptoms. This goes for decaf too.

This doesn’t mean give up your daily dose, coffee has some great benefits so just switch your first coffee with a glass of hot water and lemon to help flush your digestion system and hydrate you and push back your coffee until later in the morning.

3) Switch the cereal with a more sustained energy breakfast choice

A bowl of cereal to start the day is an age old habit, but many of the boxed cereals aren’t the best choice for sustained energy. If you want to keep your energy up and avoid dips and cravings try switching your usual cereal for eggs or oats and feel fuller for longer.

4) Stand rather than Sit

For many, as much as 9- 10 hours a day is spent sitting. As well as causing all sorts of posture related aches and pains it is also linked with obesity and early mortality. If possible have a standing desk and increase your daily calorie burn. If a standing desk isn’t possible, try to stand, take a few steps, move around, stretch every 30 minutes to help combat the cons of sitting all day.

5) Own deal v meal deal

Swap the usual meal deal lunch of carbs (sandwiches) and more carbs (crisps) swilled down with a dose of fizzy stuff with your own healthy prepared lunch. Purchased lunchtime meal deals can easily add up to a 1000 calories, with most being quick release energy. To avoid the calorie over load and the drop in energy and focus that follows prepare something healthy to take with you. As well as improving energy levels and mood you will also find some benefits to your pocket too

6) Switch the moaning for mindfulness

Use positive thinking to get more out of your day. Positivity and Mindfulness is known to improve mental wellbeing and reduce symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. I know that no one really loves being at work all day but the more you moan the more your mood drops so try to be more mindful of the positives, laugh, smile, make someone else laugh and smile, you will find your get more done, the day goes quicker, your feel happier and you are less likely to turn to unhealthy food.

7) Walking lunch rather than working lunch

How many times have you worked through your lunch as you don’t feel you have time to get everything done? However, this is not always the most productive. It has been shown that a brisk walk, getting the heart pumping, a dose of sunshine and fresh air can increase productivity. So its highly likely that if you take a 20 minute brisk walk in your lunch you are likely to be more productive in the afternoon than if you hadn’t.

8) TV Time for Prep time

After a long day at work it is normal to want to relax in front of the TV but why not spend an hour of this time, preparing for the next day - prepping your lunch, getting you gym / work clothes ready, packing your bag, making a to do list. Being prepared will help de-stress, help you stick with any plans / goals, it will help you relax and sleep better, increase dopamine and help the next day go smoothly

9) Ditch the phone and Set yourself up for a perfect sleep instead

Technology especially phone use can interfere with sleep patterns. Swap your bedtime technology dose with a relaxing routine - use a traditional alarm so you can turn your phone off an hour before bed, practise yoga, meditation, read, take a bath, or have a routine of stretches. All will help you relax, encourage better sleep and set you up to conquer the next day