• Rebecca Watts

Why New Year Resolutions don't stick

So here we are again - another new year

Well its that time of year again, and you have probably spent the last couple of days wallowing in excessive calories and extra pounds, planning the big diet for the new year?

Sound familiar?

Most of you have probably feel like you have had enough alcohol, mince pies and chocolate to last a lifetime and are totally ready to give it all up.

However, New Years Resolutions are really not the best idea,

Think about it - the usual scenario is: You plan to start new year resolutions to diet / exercise etc on 1st or maybe 2nd January and if you are lucky your big plan may last until the end of January (more often mid January) and then your bad habits creep back in.

The point that you come back to the same nutrition & fitness based new years resolutions each year tells you it doesn't work and you should break the cycle!

So why do New Years Resolutions not work?

You may feel like you are fed up with all things sweet and never want to see another mince pie but the after effect of the festive season has a negative impact on the success of your New Years Resolutions. 1 or more, or maybe all of the below, is likely to throw your off course which makes it more likely to fail than succeed:

– Hangover

– House full of chocolate / cake / alcohol

– You feel lathargic from the sugar overdose and lack of activity

– Everyone else around you is in holiday mode

– You are generally at home, hanging around the house doing nothing wanting to binge

– Most importantly you are out of routine and find it hard to focus All of these distractions, more often than not, tend to lead to early failure for your big resolutions, This can have negative effects on continued motivation and effects achieving your goals.

So what do you do?

This doesn't mean that you shouldn't plan for change and look forward to a happier, healthy new year but do it right this year and help those resolutions stick. The best way to make changes and achieve your 2019 goals is to not jump straight in, instead take time to plan and prepare for them.

Plan your goal - time your start - prepare for your goal