• Rebecca Watts

Welcome to my Blog

An Introduction to my health, fitness, nutrition & lifestyle blog

I've been toying with the idea of writing a blog / writing articles for my clients for a while now but have always thought i would struggle with the time needed to produce quality blogs that are worth reading.

However, after careful deliberation, here i am writing a blog - , a bit of an introduction but a blog all the same. I may not be writing posts every day / every week but my intention is to add relevant and interesting posts when i do, which in my opinion is better than writing the same old stuff day in, day out.

So why am i writing a blog?

i get lots of questions from clients saying they have read this or that and they conflict or they just don’t get it all. So just to confuse you more i thought i would throw some more in the pot with my own health and fitness blog

…. no not really, my aim is to hopefully to provide great information in plain english to help you with whatever your goals… health, fitness, weight loss, weight gain, strength etc.

To be honest, health and fitness can be confusing, most people will have a different opinion on what and how to do it and there is very rarely a wrong or right. Scientific research can prove the complete opposite in the same study. Its often down to what the initial questions are you are trying to answer and the interpretation of the results. Virtually everything in life can be good and bad for us depending on the dosage and frequencies. So it’s not a surprise that one article is telling you to drink coffee when the next is saying how harmful it can be.

Our health and fitness paths are a personal one, every body is very different, with different bodies, lifestyles and likes and dislikes. So what works for one person is not necessarily going to work for the next.

We all have to take the information we read, digest it, maybe try it and decide if it has a purpose for your goals. If it adds to achieving them or your life and if it personally works for you, your body and your mindset. We believe that as long as there is reasoning behind you doing or not doing something, and it is safe, then its very difficult to say that it is not right. It may not always be the best way to go about it but at the same time probably not wrong.

My future blogging

I will aim to write regularly, but won't be bombarding you each week. If i have something that i think is interesting to say, I've read some new industry news and want to share it or my opinion on it, i have regular questions from clients on a topic, or just have a recipe to share, then i will post. If not, i won't. So The aim being to provide

 relevant information to read, digest and help decide what you will and won’t do to achieve your goal. Also what actually works for you. If one thing sticks that you can incorporate into your lifestyle that improves your health, enjoyment, and /or quality of life then it was worth writing and worth reading.

I hope you enjoy my Health and Fitness posts