• Rebecca Watts

The Mindset of Change

Change is not easy but it is worth the commitment....

Goals are not always about just actions. The success of lifestyle changes is hugely dependant on our mindset. However, more often than not when setting new goals we neglect to consider our mindset - contributing to failure.

Change has many elements, and only after consideration of these elements can the action of change occur.

Consideration & Realisation

The first element of change is careful consideration of your current lifestyle, habits and motivations. To be able to make changes for the better you need to take a good look at your starting point, analyse your current behaviours and start thinking about areas you can improve.

Consideration involves an element of realisation, being honest with yourself about the life you live and what you eat. Without this realisation and honesty it will be very difficult to evaluate where you are and what you need to do to get to where you want to be.

Things to consider:

What you eat - quantity and quality

Your eating patterns - when, how, why

Your water intake

Your caffeine intake

Your alcohol intake

Your sleeping patterns - how much, when, quality

Your activity levels - how, what, when

Your stress levels

Your health - conditions, intolerances, allergies

Your moods, feelings and emotions

Your energy levels


Once consideration as been given and acknowledgement has been made that change is needed, the next step is understanding what changes are needed. There is no point just saying i am going to be healthier from now on - what is healthier to you? how will you be healthier? what will you do that makes you healthier?

A change is doing something different to how you would usually do it, a change in normal behaviour, a change in habits. Often this also means a lack of knowledge too.

Make sure that you truly understand the change required - your behaviours / habits, research and learn more about it - look at all angles / sides and decide what is right for you. We are all individual and no one rule fits all. Change needs to be right for you.


It is very easy for us to deny what we do or don't eat, or make excuses for why we can or can't do something, BUT the real truth is that WE are accountable for the life we lead.

There are very few people today that don't live a hectic, busy life, so that can't be an excuse for everything. If you want something enough you will find a way to make it work.

Taking responsibility for your actions and your goals is a crucial first step to making positive changes. You cannot necessarily change the people and things around you but what you can change is you - what you do, how you think, your priorities, how you deal with situations, people and circumstances.

- Time to look at your mental attitude ... what kind of person are you?

- Do you take responsibility for your own life?

Think about yourself

- as a general rule when things are tough or you don't achieve something, are you likely to;-

- make excuses blaming something or someone else

- automatically think I Can't


- admit that it was you or something you did or didn't do

- think about what you could have / can do better or what you can change

Life isn't always fair and sometimes things are harder for one person that another but by taking accountability and looking at what YOU can do better or what YOU can change is the key to success.

Probably the most common excuse used for not being able to do something is TIME.

This is totally understandable as most of us are pretty busy, but that is not going to get you your goals. Most people have time to spend hours a week scrolling through Facebook, to sit in front of the TV every night, go down the pub for a couple of hours after work, or have that lay in at the weekend and thats fine - there isn't anything wrong with that.

Everyone has their own priorities and that is your choice, but you cannot use time as an excuse, the reason is you probably don't want it enough to make time.

If you really want it, you will think

"how can i fit that in" NOT "i can't fit that in"


The final element of change, before action, is commitment. Do you have the mindset, willingness, desire and motivation to commit? Are you willing to take responsibility and accountability for your actions? Change doesn't happen over night, it can often be a slow process but each step is a step towards your goals and improved health. It's often a long term commitment so you need to be mentally ready for that work and commitment and truly want it.

Without a commitment to change, results and progress will always be short lived and Health, fitness and wellbeing will always be seen as a chore and not a lifestyle.

Committing to lifestyle changes and behaviours is key for long term health and results.

What are you waiting for - change the mindset - achieve the goal