• Rebecca Watts

Recipe - Chickpea & Mango Salad

Our first of the healthy Summer BBQ dishes to show off your healthy mindset and culinary skills

Chickpea and Mango Salad – This heathy side dish is great for BBQs, providing good carbohydrates for energy and and sweetness for those with a sweet tooth – the perfect all rounder

Chickpea and Mango Salad – Recipe Ingredients

1 tin drained chick peas

1 medium fresh mango

1 small red onion

1 handful coriander

1 Tbsp olive Oil

Juice of Lime

Chickpea and Mango Salad – Recipe Instructions

Chop red onion and mango into chunks, add into a bowl with finely chopped coriander, chickpeas, olive oil and lime, mix all together and serve – delicious!

If you want to spice it up a little, add a little chopped chilli to make more of a salsa.

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