• Rebecca Watts

Passion Play

Cant find the motivation to go to the gym?

Maybe your libido is your motivator?

For some people exercise is their obsession, they count the hours until they finish work and can get down the gym, they may even bounce out of bed at 5am to get a session in pre work.

But for many, no matter how many fitness magazines you read, or how many times you will yourself to the gym, you just cant seem to get the motivation to start or keep it up

Not motivated to exercise?

You take your kit to work determined to go to the gym or class on the way home, but by the end of the day you just cant face it and put it off to tomorrow - sound familiar?

Maybe, you just need a different motivator - YOUR LIBIDO - in other words sex!

If health, wellbeing, or weight isn’t motivating you enough to exercise, then maybe a better sex life could be your motivator.

Exercise has been shown to increase your libido and give your sex life a boost both physiologically and psychologically

Reduces Stress

Stress has been shown to have a negative effect on libido. A normal stress response is the release of the hormone cortisol. If elevated cortisol is being released for prolonged periods then it has been shown to suppress other hormones and can lead to low sex drive. Exercise has long been known to help reduce stress levels, whether this be a good workout to work off your stress levels or a yoga session to help the mind body connection to keep stress at bay.

Increases Energy Levels

Studios have shown that one of the biggest obstructors of sex, is energy levels. Our active, stressful lives drains our energy, leaving little for passion. Exercise has been proven to increase energy levels, so by adding some regular exercise into your day, you can top up your energy levels to beat the “i’m too tired” effect of our lives!

Boosts Confidence

Exercise can help build confidence, even after just one session. Over time, regular exercise improves confidence through better body shape, improved energy levels, feel good hormones. This confidence boost has been said to transfer to the bedroom with improved confidence between the sheets

Increase Circulation & Sensation

Exercise increases blood flow and stimulates the nervous system, leading to heightened sensation, and is shown to continue after exercise. So as well as getting you motivated for sex it can also increase pleasure during.


Sex itself is an intense physical performance that require strength, endurance, & flexibility. Regular exercise such as resistance work increases your muscle strength, cardiovascular exercise improves fitness and performance, and exercise such as yoga can increase flexibility. Pilates, Yoga and weight training can also improve core and pelvic floor muscles for better sex.

Balances Hormones and Increase Testosterone

Exercise, particularly resistance (weighted) exercise can help to balance hormones and increase testosterone levels. Testosterone isn’t just a libido booster for men, it also has a similar effect for women - higher sex drive, better moods, more energy and heightened arousal. Don’t worry ladies, this increased testosterone isn’t going to give you a beard and big muscles but it may well give your relationship a boost.

Increase Endorphin and Adrenaline

Exercise is proven to release endorphins, the often called “feel good hormone”and adrenaline, not only putting you in a better mood but also shown to increase sexual arousal and even orgasm in women.

The combination of adrenaline, endorphins and testosterone could be the sexual cocktail you are looking for to give your sex life a boost!

Don't over do it

This boost of the libido and sex life doesn’t mean that you spend 5 hours a day down the gym as too much strenuous exercise can put stress on the body, increases the cortisol produced and have the reverse effect - suppressing the sex hormones, particularly in men.

Like anything in life, its about getting a balance - varying the exercise and the intensity, being consistent but not overdoing it is key to the positive effects between the sheets.

Try doing this weekly

2-3 short (10-20 minutes) spurts of higher interval intensity exercise to increase energy levels & endorphins, combat stress, improve fitness, and get the blood flowinga couple of resistance based workouts to build muscle, confidence, balance hormones and increase testosteronesome yoga, pilates, flexibility, mindfulness exercise for flexibility, better mind body connection, breathing techniques, manage stress, and core and pelvic floor strength

What are you waiting for - let sex be your exercise motivator

Sex itself, is good for your mental and physical health