• Rebecca Watts

One Small Change.... Water

If you want to feel healthier, fitter and slimmer this year - one of the most beneficial single changes you can make is your water intake...

Year after year we go all in with our new years resolutions or our crash holiday diet, often overhauling our lives, but no matter how convinced you are that this year is the year, somehow they just don’t stick. It isn't long before you realise you have fallen back into your old habits.

Sound Familiar?

The key to making your goals happen is changing one habit at a time, conquering that new good habit and moving on to the next. You are more likely to make good habits stick if your take them one at a time.

If there is one small change that everyone should start with - its increasing water intake. Try 2-3 litres a day

Heres a few reasons why:

- Water aids the efficient functioning of our body, it is involved in virtually every process including vitamin and mineral transportation. The human body is an amazing thing, by ensuring that it is functioning the best it can, then it will work for you, instead of against you. Making your goals easier to achieve.

- Water not only fills you up potentially reducing over eating, studies have also shown increased water consumption can have a positive effect on calories and fat burned. Increasing calories burned and improving the efficiency of fat metabolism.

- Water plays a significant role in digestion. Insufficient water intake can lead to digestion problems.

- Water is so vital to our bodies that if it doesn’t get enough every day, our defence mechanisms kick in and store it. Leading to retention and bloating. By drinking more water, your body lets go of what it has been holding.

- Common dehydration symptoms include lack of energy, tiredness, fatigue and often headaches. These symptoms can have a significant effect on our life, effecting our performance, our moods and our long term physical and mental health.

- Not only is water great for your health, it aids weight-loss, improves mental wellbeing, it also significantly improves cognitive function. Water can improve drive and motivation which will then help with conquering further habits.

Tips on increasing water intake

Increasing your water intake, like any other habit, isn’t as simple as just wanting it. You have to do it, and do it consistently to make it a habit. Habits often need some planning, and useful tricks to get that consistency

Here are some tips to help you

-  Measure your glass - select a water glass and see how much water it holds and work out how many glasses you need to consume in a day, try and get at least half of them done by mid day

-  Tag to another habit - try tagging drinking water to other habits you already do such as brushing your teeth, going to the toilet or maybe drinking tea - two glasses of water while you wait for the kettle to boil

-  Get into a routine - try making some routines with your water intake like having a glass of water before eating and a glass after, or a glass every two hours

-  2 litre bottle on desk rule - fill a 1 or 2 litre water bottle and keep on your desk to finish by the end of your work day

- 2 glass before anything else - set yourself a rule such as first thing you have 2 glasses of water before you do anything else

- Room temperature water - many people find drinking room temperature water easier than cold straight from the tap. Get your self a filter dispenser, not only will it allow the water to set to room temperature it will also taste better once filtered.

- Set phone reminders - if you really struggle with remembering why not set some phone reminders / alarms


Drinking water is one of the quickest ways to clear your mind and refocus. If you are having a tough day and struggling to focus or wanting to turn to rubbish food, drink 2 glasses of water and go for a 10 minute walk. You will be surprised at how different you will feel on return.