• Rebecca Watts

Minimise the effects of the festivities

Each year we head into the new year with the aim to kick start our health, get into shape and lose some weight, but how often are a few of those extra pounds from our “Merry Christmas”.

This year, get a head start of your new year goals by minimising the effects of the festive season.


The early bird - With a busy social diary, it’s easy to skip your usual exercise sessions. Try getting up an hour earlier and getting in your gym session, home workout or even a long dog walk. You’ll feel much better all day and it’ll give you more time in the evening to get ready for those all-important parties.

Increase your NEAT - Our Neat energy is the calories we burn other than exercising - just our day to day activity. On indulgent days, earn the calories - be more active. Clean the house, stand up at work, walk in your lunch break, even fidget - just move more.

Dance the night away - Take advantage of the party atmosphere and move your hips. Burn off a few of those calories by dancing the night away.


Get your nutrients - So many people starve themselves of calories saving them up for the evening celebrations, at the same time cutting down the nutrient intake. Ensure that you are getting all your nutrients to keep your energy up and immune system fighting fit.

Prepare for the evening -It’s about balancing the day. If your evening is going to be a heavy one with alcohol and unhealthier food, ensure you get lots of good nutrients in throughout the day. Even if you are trying to keep calories low - try a stir fry with plenty of veggies. Alternatively, minimise the evening damage by eating well throughout the day or having a snack before you go out - making you less likely to overload on the unhealthier options out.

Diligent dining - give what you eat some consideration. Think about the food more. Select the healthier option of fish, skip the potatoes on the roast or cut back on the usual trimmings. Have a starter or a dessert - not both. Or maybe share both with a friend. Savour your food - eating slowly will mean you enjoy your food more and probably eat less.


Sleep yourself slim - if only it was this easy! The key here is that sleep makes us function better - its where the magic happens. Sleep is where we mostly recover, repair and replenish, its where we regulate many our hormones and metabolism. We have so much going on over the festive period that its often our sleep that suffers. Be conscious to not wipe yourself out and mess up your bodily functions - keep up your sleep.

Be water wise - Make sure that you're properly hydrated as being thirsty can often be mistaken for hunger. Eat your food slowly and drink plenty of water. This allows your stomach time to acknowledge the food and the water helps fill you up.

To drink or not to drink - Tis the season to be jolly and all of that, but it’s definitely worth trying to control your alcohol intake. Have set days off, alternate water with alcohol, delay your first glass to the dinner, offer to drive some days. If you are conscious about calories opt for white spirits with a dash of soda and lime.

There are lots of small ways to minimise the effects of the season, going into the new year energised and ready for your new life goals.Whilst still enjoying yourself - It is Christmas after all, and it is important to spend time with friends and family, and have fun.

Whatever you do, don’t feel too guilty - don’t let your evening of fun have a knock on effect. Wake up the next day, get back on track, have a healthy breakfast.