• Rebecca Watts

Let health be your inspiration

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

How many times have you been on a diet?

How often have you joined a gym / club and rarely been?

Sound familiar?

- over 50% of women are on a diet at any given time, and in a quest to get the perfect body almost two thirds of those are on a diet most of the time.

Is it time to change your inspiration? Shift your goals?

Research shows that it is our quest to get the perfect body that is often the driving force for dieting, but generally this just becomes a never ending circle.

The more you try, without success, the harder motivation becomes......and really, how achievable is that perfect body alongside a full time job, childcare, household chores, a social life, etc…

Maybe it is time to change your inspiration to health and wellbeing instead.

Nutrition and fitness has been show to effect all aspects of our physical and mental health and it really doesn’t take long to start seeing some results. The quicker you see results, the easier it is to keep going.

It is far easier to find inspiration for your health, than it is striving for the perfect body.

Here are some reasons to be inspired by health

Enjoy a better life with your children or grandchildren

Increased fitness and energy to run around with them (or after them). Encouraging them to lead a more active, healthy life. Enjoy your time with them, rather than being exhausted or unable to keep up with them.

Healthy living has been shown to have a positive effect on your relationship with friends, family and loved ones.

More day to day energy

Our daily schedules are often pretty packed and can often be exhausting. Regular exercise improves heart and lung efficiency and our diet gives us fuel = more energy for your day to day activities.

Stress management

Studies have shown that in 1 year, over 70% of people had felt so stressed that they were overwhelmed and couldn’t cope. This is a common occurrence in todays busy society but fitness and nutrition can be an incredible tool in the stress management.

Mental Health

Just a 30 minute brisk walk can lift you mood, stimulating brain chemicals to feel happier and relaxed. Throw in more nutritional food and less sugar and you can take on the world!

Longevity and good health

Today, we are living a more active longer life, but do you really want to be restricting that life due to ill health, poor mobility, aches and pains. Keeping health markers such as waist size, blood pressure, blood sugars, lung capacity, body fat, gut bacteria, at healthy levels means we get the most out of our life.

The by-product of health

The by product of health is often weight loss. By getting your health right - eating well, being active, managing stress - your body functions better and generally you become slimmer and less wobbly in the process.