• Rebecca Watts

Inspire to Perspire

Why weight loss shouldn't be your only inspiration to exercise, there are many great benefits of keeping active and doing your 20-30 minutes a day of activity

Reasons to find your Fitness Inspiration

There are a 101 reasons we should all be more active, hopefully some of these examples will inspire you to get involved and become fitter, stronger and healthier

1) Reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, some cancers - exercise helps keep blood pressure, blood sugars and cholesterol at healthy levels reducing the risk of developing serious conditions

2) Exercise, resistance exercise in particular, improves bone density and reduces risks of osteoporosis

3) Improves mental health - it has been medically proven that people who regularly exercise have 30% lower risk of suffering from depression. Just a 30 minute brisk walk can lift you mood, stimulating brain chemicals to feel happier and relaxed

4) More energy - regular exercise improves your heart and lung efficiency, boosts your strength and endurance - giving you more energy for your day to day activities

5) Stress release - nothing beats 30 minutes of getting your heart rate up for stress busting

6) Confidence - exercise can help boost confidence through happy chemicals, better posture, more energy and seeing your body tone and change

7) Lose / maintain weight - its not rocket science, you exercise you burn more calories

8) Improve body composition - exercise will help reduce the wobbly bits, and resistance exercise will help tone, strengthen and build muscle making you look more toned and feel stronger and healthier

9) Inspire & encourage your children, set an example to your children. Enjoy spending time with your children more, rather than being exhausted or unable to keep up with them

10) Better sex life - with increased energy and confidence, less stress, more sleep there is no holding you back. Regular exercise has proven to have a positive effect on relationships and sex life

Inspire to perspire

Exercise does not excite everyone (probably very few of us) but the health benefits of being active and fitter are so vast that its worth trying to find some kind of activity that you enjoy and can incorporate into your lifestyle.

When we talk about exercise many think of being out of breath, hurting muscles and sweat pouring off us but to improve you health you dont need to push yourself to max, to start with you just need to get your heart rate up for about 20 minutes a day to start seeing the health benefits on your heart and lung systems.

Exercise is the miracle cure that we have neglected for far too long so get active

Im a big believer that there is some kind of activity out there that will inspire everyone to be fitter and healthy you just need to find your inspiration. There are so many ways you can get involved with exercise and get active, I've picked a few of the more popular you may come across to get you started


Always a more popular option but often short lived. Try to mix it up and vary it

Pros - weatherproof, lots of exercise options, can vary exercise, professionals around to help, meet like minded people

Cons - cost, some are intimidated, unconfident with equipment, many people don't enjoy


Classes can be at your local gym and often at local village halls. Classes a great way for women to get into resistance work in a more relaxed fun environment

Pros - great for resistance (try kettle bells, body pump, circuits), fun relaxed environment, meet people, often local

Cons - depending on group size instructor often unable to correct technique, can sometimes be restricted for progression


an exercise virtually everyone can get involved with and most will enjoy

Pros - low impact, can often do with injuries, water provides a natural resistance

Cons - cost, often done leisurely and difficult to progress fitness and muscle development. Best alongside other forms of exercise


Yoga is great for flexibility and often strength where as pilates is great for core strength and posture.

Pros - often local, most/ all levels can get involved, can help with injuries / problems (seek advice first). can be good for the mind, compliments other forms of exercise

Cons - depending on the form, not always a workout for the heart or muscle tone


High intensity interval training is always in the media at the moment. It involves spurts of high intensity exercise, where you heart rate is high, followed by rest / recovery periods. A great example you could do at home is running up and down the stairs for 30 seconds and then resting for 30 secs. Repeat for 10-20 minutes

Pros - great for fat burning, can do with no equipment, can do regularly with limited time

Cons - very few really except maybe if have injuries or conditions where you shouldn't raise the heart rate


A home workout craze which swept the nation a couple of years ago. Pretty difficult but great to do at home. Group classes also available now

Pros - tough effective workout, dont need equipment, can do on own or with friends, less expensive

Cons - easy to give up, need to ensure eating a healthy diet with enough calories alongside, limited progression once mastered / completed. No one to correct technique


Usually involving a mix of cardio and resistance work in a circuit based format. Nowadays there is never a bootcamp too far away from where you live or work.

Pro - great all rounder, hardwork but fun, meet people

Cons - weather, difficult to progress strength, cost, with larger groups sometimes difficult for instructor to correct technique


The DIY approach to exercise, no gym needed, no equipment, just the big outdoors. Perfect for those who like exercising alone or clubs for those who prefer group activity. Always good to vary the intensity to get a better heart and lung workout.

Pros - anyone can do (newcomers start with walking / cycling), free, great for the heart and lungs. virtually everyone can walk

Cons - weather, motivation, some get bored. Mainly cardiovascular so should also include resistance exercise


Activity doesn't need to be conventional exercise. You could dance, trampoline, even gardening and cleaning you can get your heart rate up.

Pros - anyone can do, you get your chores done at the same time, you can spend time with your family, its something you enjoy

Cons - sometimes chores can be hard on your back, need more variety so add some other forms in too

It is always best to vary the exercise you do to get the best all round results, start with lower impact lower intensity and build up gradually, seek advice if unsure or have injuries / illnesses.