• Rebecca Watts

Can the Summer BBQ ever be healthy

If you are a social type you may already be on your umpteenth BBQ of the summer - but how can you still be a social butterfly whilst keeping control of your waistline??

Follow my Summer BBQ tips to ensure the burger and bun do not get the most of you!

1) Dont try and calorie count – just give yourself a free meal but make healthy choices

Balance your plate with grilled Protein, fibre and good fats to keep blood sugars balanced and avoid overeating and energy dips. For example – Grilled chicken, Roasted veg drizzled with olive oil.

2) Avoid the usual processed meats – pretty much the average supermarket sausages and burgers. Try making your own burgers and pick up some quality sausages from a butchers or just opt for marinated grilled chicken, turkey and fish.

3) To Bun or not to bun? If you can, cut the bun out completely and get your carbs from veggies. If you really can’t then have an open sandwich (1/2 bun) or a small wholewheat bun and stick with only one.

4) Opt for marinating your meat rather than lashings of sauces. An easy way to flavour up you meat is to make a spice rub. Jerk spice and olive oil rubbed onto chicken is a simple but tasty way to spice up your BBQ.

5) Veggies and more veggies – apart from the mountain of coleslaw and a bowl of leaves, vegetables are often what is lacking at BBQs when really you should be trying to make this 2/3rds of your plate. If your BBQ has a griddle section, throw on you favourite vegetables drizzled with oil or if not wrap chopped vegetables with garlic and oil in foil and throw on the BBQ. Alternatively, there is always the trusted grilled corn on the cob brushed with coconut oil.

6) Take a healthy dish – often friends and family BBQ invite comes with “bring a dish”, so make sure this is a healthy one. That way at least you know there is something healthy just in case. Good options – Veggies ready to roast in foil parcels or maybe a quinoa salad. See some of our favourite BBQ dishes below over the next couple of days.

7) Alcohol & BBQs – generally come hand in hand but can easily top up the calories and even make you eat more unhealthy foods. Try to only have a couple and stick with white spirits and low calorie mixers such as soda. Be careful that you dont substitute alcohol with high calorie fruit juices, try sparkling water with a squeeze of lemon / lime.