Nutrition plays a vital role In achieving and maintaining your goals, good health and body composition.

RW Health & Wellbeing works with clients to educate, question try and develop to find the nutrition solution that works with their goals, lifestyle and body. Avoiding all fad, quick fixes as the only way to truly get results and keep them is to understand how to eat and exercise for a long term health, making lifestyle commitments and good habits.

Getting your nutrition right can be life changing - i am of the strong belief that Nutrition should always be a key element in achieving and maintaining health, managing symptoms and conditions, controlling the brain, emotions and mental health. If you get all those right the weight management is the side effect. The benefits of a healthy diet are endless, it can help with:

  • hormone balance

  • energy levels

  • health conditions

  • injury & repair

  • maintaining good immune health

  • good digestive health

  • a healthy strong metabolism

  • performance improvements

  • focus and motivation

All RW Health & Wellbeing Nutrition Solutions come from a health & lifestyle prospective and may include:

  • 121 consultations for nutrition guidance

  • Review of current eating habits

  • Kick Start Plans

  • Nutrition Coaching (group & 121)

  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Workshops

  • Energy Balance Group (weight management meetings / support group)

Prices vary for requirements / service.

Private Nutrition coaching comes in the form of either hourly rates from £40 an hour, to a structured programme from £250.

Group Nutrition coaching from £5 weekly meetings, £25 - £65 Coaching courses / Workshops



To discuss your goals Email Rebecca