Metabolic Profiling is a scientific analysis (oxygen exchange) of your resting and active metabolism, giving key information on your metabolic rate, your fat / sugar fuel ratios, your efficiency, energy use and fuel at different heart rates during exercise, and your fitness level (Vo2). This information can then be used to truly tailor a plan to you, your metabolism and your lifestyle.​

Metabolism is the body’s way of converting food into energy, and then using that energy to sustain and build the body.
The body needs fuel, fuel comes from calories in food: fats, carbs, proteins. The body uses each source differently and excess calories are stored in different ways. 
Calories are burned through activity, digestion and resting metabolism (what your body uses at rest just to function). After we have eaten the body uses oxygen to convert food into energy, the by product is waste – carbon dioxide. At our most efficient – the body uses greater amounts of oxygen to convert more food into useable fuel, less carbon dioxide is produced as waste and less of our fuel ends up stored as fat.
Your metabolic Profile is like a metabolism fingerprint which is unique to every individual.
Metabolic Profiling is based on decades of medical research and proven scientific know how. By boosting your metabolism, athletic performance and weight loss goals are achieved more easily.


Metabolic Profiling @The Studios measures both the oxygen levels and the carbon dioxide levels in your breath at rest and throughout the assessment, analyzing what you breathe in and what you breath out. With an accurate measure of both oxygen and carbon dioxide, you get a clear picture of your body’s complete fuel composition – you know exactly when you’re burning the energy-dense fat fuel as opposed to when you’re burning the less-efficient carbohydrate fuel. You know the precise heart rate you need to work up to, and for how long.

- anyone who exercises and wants to get the most of your efforts, 
- those who take their sport / exercise more seriously looking to improve performance, 
- anyone that struggles to lose weight
- anyone looking to lose weight healthily without a negative effect on the metabolism

The Studios is one of the few places in the UK that offer Metabolism Analysis (Metabolic Profile) to the public. We have been undertaking the analysis for over 10 years and the knowledge of our coaches to put together plans and guidance on the results is exceptional.

Metabolic Profiling starts at £100 for a resting or active analysis or only £165 for both.

Price includes analysis session, report and consultation, cardiovascular exercise plan (heart rate training) to improve your fat burning efficiency and nutrition guidance pack. All based on your results. 

Additional costs for a more detailed nutritional plan - speak with your trainer about your requirements

Due to the complex, scientific approach of Metabolic Profiling it is always best to have a chat about your requirements to see if metabolic Profiling is for you and which service is more suitable. 


To discuss in more detail Email Rebecca

Metabolic Profiling / Training available at 40 Nelson Street, Leicester & coming soon to South Manchester / North Cheshire