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Back to Health Roadmap

Are you ready to go back to civilisation?

Has the last year encouraged unhealthy habits? 

or maybe added a few extra pounds?

Has lockdown impacted on your physical and mental health?


All is to be expected, it has been a strange and challenging year but now is the time to get back on track. 

 In 6 weeks time lockdown begins to lift and we start to go back to some sort of normality. are you ready?


The Back to Health Road Map is a 6 week Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle plan, aimed at working on overall health and habits   - getting you lockdown lift ready


All for just £10 per week 

The Back to Health 6 week Road Map - £60

Starting date 1/8/21 - 8/3/21


The plan includes:- Daily Virtual fitness sessions, nutrition workshops, lifestyle tasks and much more

Virtual Fitness Sessions

A range of virtual sessions throughout the week, allowing you to keep up your fitness during lockdown


Sessions include:

- Ladies Conditioning

- Mobilise Me

- PIlates

Sessions suit all levels

Session £5 each (purchased in blocks of 4) or 

ONLY £40 unlimited for a month

(all sessions are recorded and available to do in your own time on the unlimited plan)

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Tuesdays 5.30pm & Saturday 8am
A mat based session for strength and mobility. - concentrating on core based exercises and movement. 
The sessions teach techniques for better physical performance, better posture and aids correction of muscle imbalances & weaknesses.. Pilates classes will compliment and improve any other exercise, and are also a great way to counteract aches and pains from our sitting life. 

Session £5 each (purchased in blocks of 4) or 

ONLY £18 for a month

(all sessions are recorded and available to do in your own time on the monthly plan)

6 week Beginners Pilates Course - £25

Intro and weekly sessions to do in your own time

Pilates Sessions

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5 live ( group) mobility sessions each week. Alternatively, undertake the recorded sessions in your own time. Perfect to increase mobility and prevent injuries, especially important during lockdown with no access to massages .
Live Sessions - 7.15am Mondays Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays & 9am Saturday


Available as part of unlimited virtual studio sessions or

ONLY £20 for a month

(all sessions are recorded and available to do in your own time on the monthly plan)

Mobilise Me

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If Coronavirus is teaching us something it is how important our health is. Our lifestyle, activity, nutrition play a key part in our immune system and long term health..... Is it time we take control of our health?

Blog feature - Is it time to take control of our health

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From ONLY £10


With social distancing ruling out massage should you be suffering with aches or pains i may be able to help with one of my muscle meetings. A 20 minute virtual consultation for me to help you try to establish what the problem may be and assist by giving stretches, exercises to undertake or avoid. 

Should you need longer than 20 mins - get unto an hour for £20