Due to Coronavirus group fitness training sessions are available virtually

Virtual  Sessions



A number of unique small group fitness sessions in a private training studio, away from the hustle and bustle of a busy gym.

With up to 10 people in a session the instructor / coach can give more instruction and technique guidance than a usual gym class allowing you to progress and develop faster

My small group sessions include:

Ladies Conditioning – Trim & Tone, Strengthen & Condition, Improve Definition, Build Confidence in these resistance based sessions. A chance for the ladies to work with weights and improve their physique without the battle for the weights machine with the men.
Ideal for those who are looking to lose weight or improve their body composition, looking to challenge themselves and get the most from their exercise. All levels and fitness. The personal instruction you would get in a Personal Training session without the cost.

Restorative Fitness - An exercise group that runs twice a week aimed at the maturer person looking to improve or maintain their health & mobility or those with injuries / ailments which may need extra help with exercising. A combination of cardiovascular (fitness) exercise to help with weight management and heart and lung heath, resistance (weighted) exercise to help minimise the impact of age related or restricted mobility muscle loss and slowing metabolism, and mobility work to aid movement keeping you mobile for everyday living.

Pilates - A mat based session for strength and mobility concentrating on core related exercise and movement. Pilates are a great way to counteract aches and pains from our sitting life. The sessions teach techniques to help with posture and pain and will help improve physical performance. A Great compliment to all fitness plans - helping you get the most from exercise and everyday life. Small group of up to 8, allowing for more technique focus and tuition.

Mobilize Me - a unique 30 minute mobility session, using a combination of mobility work with resistance bands, mobility ball and foam roller, and stretching, these sessions are aimed at releasing muscle tension and improving mobility and range of movement. Perfect if you sit a desk all day and / or suffer from general every day aches and pains and muscle tension. 

All training / fitness solutions only available in Leicester - 40 Nelson Street, Leicester, Le1 7ba

Individual Sessions £10 - 1 hour / £5 for 30 minute sessions

Block of Sessions £80 for 10 hours to be used within 3 months


Try for £5 - try any session for £5

To discuss your training / fitness requirements Email Rebecca