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Unfortunately there is no courses / workshops running face to face due to social distances and COVI19 - there is however some virtual workshops / courses


My courses are aimed at developing knowledge and building skills for everyday life. I steer away from giving strict plans as they barely last a couple of weeks. Generally we need more knowledge, time and support to better understand our nutrition and lifestyle to build our own goals, habits and skills to practise a healthier lifestyle.

Reset Button - Nutrition Course £49 Face to Face - Virtual Offer - £20  -15/2/21

This 2 week course including a 2 week Reset Plan will help you understand your bodies requirements for proper function, will aid more efficient functioning of your processes and boost fat burning again. The plan works by removing many foods that are likely to cause intolerances, inflammation, hormone imbalances, and moods as well as getting a good balance of macronutrients and calories to not only fuel your body but also get it working more effectively.

Leaving you feeling healthy, slimmer and motivated, Fat / weight loss will be a natural by-product of getting your body functioning better.

More details here

Meal Building Course £49 Face to Face - Virtual Offer - £20 - starting 15/2/21

A 3 week course (instruction over 3 sessions) for those looking for nutrition help without anything too strict - sessions will work with you to build a selection of staple meals that you like that will provide the right calories / macro nutrients for long term health and weight management whilst helping you to achieve your goals. By developing your own meals / plans you are making the choices that fit in with your likes, dislikes, lifestyle and commitments and teaches the ability to adapt day to day whilst still sticking with your goals.  Can be adapted to suit goals - ie weight loss / weight gain etc. The course will give you a collection of staple meals to allow you to build your own meal plans that suit your goals and lifestyle. 

Mondays 7.30pm

6 Week Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Plan £65 Face to Face - Virtual Offer - £35 - next course to be confirmed

A6 weekly meetings covering setting goals, accountability, habit forming, meal building, preparation and planning and motivation. Each week there will be a fact sheet / task to complete and a virtual workshop. This workshop incorporates the meal building course above and the individual workshops below

Perfect for those looking to reset their mind and habits in 2021, and get healthier and slimmer.

Mondays 6.30pm 

(all workshops will be recorded so you are able to watch later if you cant make a session)


It is so often the case that we throw ourselves into our health and fitness goal each year but much of what we plan and hope often only last a couple of weeks. It is important that we do not feel constantly restricted and dieting, as this often leads to de-motivation. My workshops are aimed at educating to help you develop your own healthier lifestyle using education, lifestyle tools and support. The building of your own path, rather than following one told to you, leads to more commitment, more enjoyment, better understanding, the ability to adapt, better results with less feeling of restriction.

Goal Setting & Accountability Workshop £29 Face to Face - Virtual Offer - £10 - next workshop to be confirmed

A 2 - 2.5 Hour workshop focusing on setting the right goals for you. Setting goals correctly should be the start of all journeys - ensuring they are specific, achievable and measurable. Without the right goals it can be hard to keep on track and motivated. The workshops helps you set the goals that will help you achieve your aims and focus on the accountability required to ensure long term changes stick. Understanding accountability is crucial for long term results

Habit Forming Workshop £29 - Face to Face - Virtual Offer - £10 - next workshop to be confirmed

A 2.5 Hour workshop focusing on the behaviours required to achieve your goals and how to turn those behaviours into habits. The key to any long term success and sticking with your goals is to not find the behaviours difficult or a chore. We need healthy behaviours to be habits, fitting into our everyday life. This workshop aims to help you build strategies to turn key lifestyle behaviours into habits.