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Virtual  Sessions

Our health & fitness is more important than ever. Let's do this together!

Group Training

Taking the group fitness sessions to virtual during lockdown 

Varied Virtual Sessions with no or limited equipment (things from around the house), throughout the week. 

Booking into live sessions and the added support from working with like minded individuals will help keep you motivated and achieve your goals during these strange times.

My small group sessions include:

Ladies Conditioning – Trim & Tone, Strengthen & Condition, Improve Definition, Build Confidence in these resistance based sessions. A chance for the ladies to work with weights and improve their physique without the battle for the weights machine with the men.
Ideal for those who are looking to lose weight or improve their body composition, looking to challenge themselves and get the most from their exercise. All levels and fitness. The personal instruction you would get in a Personal Training session without the cost.

Monday 5.30pm / 6.30pm

Wednesday 7.15am

Thursday 5.30pm / 6.30pm

Saturday 9.30am (interval Saturday)

Restorative Fitness - An exercise group aimed at the maturer person looking to improve or maintain their health & mobility or those with injuries / ailments which may need extra help with exercising. A combination of cardiovascular (fitness) exercise to help with weight management and heart and lung heath, resistance (weighted) exercise to help minimise the impact of age related or restricted mobility muscle loss and slowing metabolism, and mobility work to aid movement keeping you mobile for everyday living.

A weekly recorded session available to do in your own time 

Pilates - A mat based session for strength and mobility concentrating on core related exercise and movement. Pilates are a great way to counteract aches and pains from our sitting life. The sessions teach techniques to help with posture and pain and will help improve physical performance. A Great compliment to all fitness plans - helping you get the most from exercise and everyday life. 

Tuesday 5.30pm

Saturday 8am

Sessions are beginners to intermediate level - for Complete beginners / restorative - 6 week  beginners course available

Mobilize Me - a unique 30 minute mobility session, using a combination of mobility work with body weight, mobility ball and foam roller (if available) and stretching, these sessions are aimed at releasing muscle tension and improving mobility and range of movement. Perfect if you sit a desk all day and / or suffer from general every day aches and pains and muscle tension.

Monday 7.15am

Tuesday 7.15am

Thursday 7.15am

Friday 7.15am

Saturday 9am


Individual Sessions £5 each (brought in blocks of 4)

UNLIMITED monthly (all sessions included) £40 per month

Other Monthly plans:

- Ladies Conditioning £30 per month

- Pilates £18 per month

- Mobilise Me £20 per month


All monthly plans - sessions recorded and available to do in own time if cannot make sessions or want to do again

To discuss your training / fitness requirements Email Rebecca


121 - Personal Training

My Group sessions are a great way to keep fit and active during Coronavirus restrictions but if a more personalised approach works better for you then you may prefer private 121 sessions. Although still virtual they allow for the session time and content to be tailored to you.

Sessions can be on your own or shared with a family member or friend. Sessions can be used for fitness, pilates, mobility or a combination.


Virtual personal training - £25 per session 

Block of 5 for £100 (must be used in 5 weeks)

Beginners Pilates 

A 6 week beginners introduction to pilates, helping to improve core strength, stability, mobility, and a great way to prevent injuries and poor movement and posture patterns. 

Includes an introduction to pilates principles, breathing technique, followed by 6 sessions building on technique and focusing on different elements / areas. 

All sessions are recorded so can be done in your own time. It is recommended to undertake each session up to 3 times that week.

The perfect introduction to pilates, ideal for those that sit all day.

Upon completion you can join the live sessions or recorded to continue your practise. 


£25 for 6 week course

Muscle Meetings

Should you be suffering with aches or pains i may be able to help with one of my muscle meetings. A 20 minute virtual consultation for me to help you try to establish what the problem may be and assist by giving stretches, exercises to undertake or avoid. 

A substitute whilst unable to see you in person and work with you hands on in a sports massage. 


£10 for a 20 minute session

You will be sent a recording of the meeting so you won't forget the exercises / advice.

Nutrition Coaching

We have learnt this year the great importance of our health. Nutrition is key to both our physical and mental health - Keeping our body and mind functioning efficiently including our immune system. 

The start of a new year is when many try to reset and star a health kick which may mean new year resolutions, joining a gym, dieting, or just healthy habit changes. 

Just because we cant support each other face to face, doesn't mean you have to do it alone. I will be running some nutrition workshops and support groups virtually this year. 

As with all my new year nutrition workshops / coaching the starting date is mid January onwards - jumping straight into new plans before settling back into routines rarely works.

Various options available:

- 6 Week Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Plan

- 6 Week Food Diary Development

- 2 week Reset Button Nutrition Plan

- Meal Building Workshops

- Individual workshops - goal setting, habit forming, 


£20 - 2 for 1 offer - Reset Button plan & Meal building workshops

35 for 6 week course

£89 with 6 weeks unlimited monthly fitness

(fitness, pilates, mobility sessions)

£10 - 25 for individual workshops


To discuss your training / fitness / mobility requirements 

Email Rebecca