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Back to Health Roadmap


Are you ready to go back to civilisation?

Has the last year encouraged unhealthy habits? 

or maybe added a few extra pounds?

Has lockdown impacted on your physical and mental health?


All is to be expected, it has been a strange and challenging year but now is the time to get back on track. 

 In 6 weeks time lockdown begins to lift and we start to go back to some sort of normality. are you ready?


The Back to Health Road Map is a 6 week Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle plan, aimed at working on overall health and habits   - getting you lockdown lift ready


All for just £10 per week 

The Back to Health 6 week Road Map - £60

Starting date 1/8/21 - 8/3/21


The plan includes:- 



Daily Virtual Fitness sessions 

Live virtual sessions throughout the week including conditioning (resistance / fitness), mobility, pilates.

Sessions are pre and post work with access to the recordings if prefer to do in own time. Suitable for all levels


Weekly Interval Session

A weekly pre recorded HIIT / interval workout is available for anyone want to compliment the live sessions with to 10-30 minutes interval training


Weekly Improvement Exercise

Available each week there will be an activity task for those wanting to improve on mobility / technique. This will be a simle exercise that done daily will help with improved mobiliy or exercise development.


Nutrition Pack

An initial nutrition guidance pack to help you get the most out of the 6 weeks. Nutrition is key to results, helping you achieve your fitness goals as well as improve your mental health. An initial nutrition plan and / or rules can be proided for those wishing to kickstart the plan.


Weekly Nutrition Workshop

Each week there will be a virtual workshop which will hep you better undertand nutrition as well as build your own nutrition plan with meals that suit your preferences and lifestyle.


Weekly Info Sheet

Each week you will be sent an info sheet focusing on a key element for long term sucess. We will briefly discuss this during the weekly workshop.


Facebook group / Whatsapp group

One of the benefits of a plan like this is the support element, being part of a group of like minded people, helping to motivate each other and sharing ideas. For those that wish to join the groups to offer and recieve support througout the plan both a whatsapp and facebook group will be set up. 


Habit Forming Tasks

Throughout the month i will post into the groups some small  motivational / habitual / informative tasks. These tasks help you keep focus and pick up new ideas / tip / techniques that help you continue a healthy lifestyle



Socials are a good way to get to know each other and feel more relaxed in sessions and group chats. Not everyone will want to get involve or feel the need but for those that do we can do an initial / weekly virtual coffee / chat break. 

We will also finish the course with a virtual fun fitness quiz. 



For those that want to track progress to help keep motivated and provide some accountability. progress logs for health markers and measurements will be provided. 


Participants do not have to undertake everything available in the plan. For some the sessions and guidance pack may be enough, for others more support and motivation will be preferred. 

The aim of everything here is to help you keep motivated and develop good habits for a healthy body and mind. Participants can be selective as to what they use and participate in, according to their requirements . 

  • building healthy habits and routines

  • getting us out of the winter / lockdown hibernation

  • building back our confidence to face the outside world

  • improving health and immune ready for living with COVID19

  • losing a few pounds ready for re uniting with friends and family

  • improved fitness and mobility

  • a better understanding of nutrition and you


Lets take accountability for our own health

All for just £10 per week 

The Back to Health 6 week Road Map - £60

Starting 8th March 2021


For clients who have done previous plans with me, this service is a combination of the monthly unlimited virtual sessions, move for a month, Reset Nutrition workshop, Meal Building Workshop with a few extras added in.