Unfortunately due to COVID19 and social distancing i am unable to deliver any face to face services. I am delivering Virtual Fitness Sessions, Nutrition Workshops  and Muscle Meetings for anyone wanting to continue with their fitness and / or have any aches and pains they require any help with. 

I hope that you are all staying safe and well during this time and hope to see you face to face again soon x

Virtual  Sessions

Due to Coronavirus fitness, mobility, pilates, nutrition and muscle sessions have gone virtual

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Rebecca Watts -  the face behind RW Health & Wellbeing. 

"My Health & Fitness passion was something that came to me later in my life when i was struggling with my hormones and general health - chronic fatigue, vertigo, irritable bowel syndrome, psoriasis, stress related symptoms. Im a strong believer that medication should be a last resort so started to research how nutrition, and lifestyle could help. With nutrition and lifestyle changes i got my hormone condition under control, my gut balanced and all of my other heath related problems disappeared. I felt 10 years younger and didn't need to take medication. This new found passion and fascination with all things nutrition, fitness and the human body was the start of my health and fitness career. Later in my years i was diagnosed with ADHD, something i have shown symptoms of all my life but with lifestyle factors and hormone changes they began to become more obvious and negatively impact my focus, drive, motivation and life. Rather than take medication, i choose to use the powerful tool of nutrition, activity and lifestyle choices to manage these symptoms, which isn't always play sailing but who's life is.

Today, i continue to learn as much as i can about how we function and not only survive, but thrive. 

Fuelling the body with the nutrients required for optimal physical and mental health & performance, learning to control stresses from our hectic lifestyles & external sources, keeping strength & mobility for movement, not only today but as we age. Health and wellbeing in todays society is a learning curve. No one is perfect, its about understanding, adapting our lifestyles as best we can to make the most from it. Being accountable and making positive changes. 

Wellness is a gift - keeping it is a lifestyle"


In 2009 Nutrafit Training Studios was launched with Dan Senior. Nutrafit's aims were to step up the bar on the fitness industry and provide a truly holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Nutrafit continued to grow and develop into what is now,

a complete wellness venue, with many health & wellbeing services under one roof - the complete solution.

Each service provider having the same passion for health and wellbeing for their clients.

RW Health & Wellbeing offers sports massage, nutrition, pilates and fitness services at The Studios40

& Sports Massage Therapy at YogaLife Altrincham,

as well as online fitness, pilates, mobility sessions and nutrition workshops

The effect that nutrition and lifestyle can have on your health is remarkable and largely overlooked in todays society and medicine.

Through nutrition, activity and massage I use my knowledge, passion and personal experience to help others improve their health & wellbeing with the by-product being better body composition, improved fitness, mobility, stronger metabolism, better mental health and a better understanding of the body and lifestyle.



Sports Massage

Sports Massage Therapy sessions for general aches and pains or for more specific injuries / problems

Personal Training

Tailormade Personal Fitness Training for women, whatever the goal - health, fitness and body composition

Small Group Training

Unique small group fitness training sessions for women. Resistance based sessions for fat loss, toning and strength


A mat based session for stength and mobility, concentrating on core engagement exercises. Helping with muscles imbalances, posture and pain

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching for long term health and wellbeing. For those looking to understand their body, lose fat, improve health and function better.

Workplace Wellness

Health and wellbeing solutions for the workplace. For a

happier, healthier environment anda more productive and

effective team


Get In Touch

 40 Nelson Street, Leicester, Le1 7ba

@Narali Yoga - 61 Stamford New Road, Altrincham, Wa14 1dp

rebecca@rwhealth.co.uk - 07830 205537

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“Rebecca is fantastic at honing in on the problem area and tackling it. Can't recommend her enough. She has an in depth understanding of her art and I always feel that a massage with her makes a difference!”